LA Beautiful

Harmony have been chosen to deliver LA Beautiful treatments exclusively in Stratford.

The La Beautiful range was developed to restore the skin without using invasive Injectable or thread lifting procedures. These results driven anti-ageing   procedures combine 2 types of optimally safe and effective radio frequencies in their range of non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments.

The RF and Fractional Radio Frequency will stimulate collagen plumping, lifting and    tightening the skin.

This two part treatment can give instant effects and improving over time as the collagen strengthens.

Note: You may be slightly red after the treatment but it has no downtime.

Full Face Rejuvenation £350
Eyes and Forehead £200
Neck £200
Lip Line Treatment £60


Lynton Lumina IPL

The Lynton Lumina IPL treats unwanted hair, Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea, Red veins and stimulates collagen for an all round skin rejuvenation treatment.
The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is made of 3 different lights allowing such a range of treatments.
Note: Each treatment will require a patch test and consultation with your technician.

Skin Rejuvenation/Rosacea from £100
Acne from £40
Pigmentation from £40
Red Vein Removal from £30
Hair Removal
Lip £50 Chin £50
Underarm or Bikini £70
Gstring Bikini £100
Brazilian £140 Hollywood £150
Lower Leg £120 Upper Leg £150
Full Leg £200
Back £130- £260


NanoPore Micro-Needling and Meso-Therapy

Treatments From £200

Nanopore can effectively treat: Wrinkles, Photoaging, Large Pores, Pigmentation, Sagging Skin, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Hair Loss and Scarring.

Our bespoke Meso-Therapy uses encapsulated active ingredients such as retinol to penetrate deeper into the skin. The Nano Technology used makes the active ingredient 10x stronger but without being aggressive in the skin.   

The Micro-Needling stimulates your type 1 collagen giving you an     immediate plumping effect whilst creating micro channels to effectively penetrate the bespoke Meso-Therapy .

Note: You may be a little red for a few hours post treatment but it has no down-time.

beautiful woman la beautiful.jpg

CryoPen Lesion Removal

From £50

Removal of Skin Tags, Milia, Age spots, Warts and Verrucas.

CryoPen using nitrous oxide to freeze off unwanted lesions leaving the skin smooth.


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

50 Minutes - £60

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is our clinically proven and celebrated skin resurfacing treatment that offers flawless results for problem skin, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, scarring and body treatments.
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of the skin, reducing and smoothing lines and wrinkles and producing more beautiful rejuvenated skin.  We team your facial with a super hydrating mask.

45 Minutes - £55

60 Minutes - £60


Tattoo Removal

Area Size Prices Per Session
3cm x 3cm  - £60 
6cm x 6cm  - £95 
9cm x 9cm - £125 
12cm x 12cm  - £150 
15cm x 15cm  - £170

Tattoo Removal with LA Erase

Using brand new technique developed for Laser Tattoo Removal providing: 
less pain - up to 50% less than normal less post-treatment swelling less potential for infection less erythema.

Patch Test required £30, £15 redeemed of first treatment or course.


New Skin Treatment 

£99 per treatment
Course of 3 £240

New Skin Treatment: £80 Introductory Offer

Full Face Micro-dermabrasion, IPL Pigmentation/ Acne       Treatment and LED Face Mask.


 Will be £99 from June.

Patch Test will be required if not had IPL before.


Elizabeth Arden Pro Peels

30% Lactic Peel - £55
50% Lactic Peel - £75

Chemical facial peels using clinically proven, cutting-edge cosmeceutical peel technology from Elizabeth Arden PRO.
Available at Harmony Beauty and O-Spa, Solihull following intensive training, Elizabeth Arden PRO peels are the most effective way to boost dull, dry or damaged skin complexions whilst tackling the signs of ageing. They are also extremely effective at treating skin conditions such as blemishes and sun damage. Following a consultation your therapist will help select the best peel program for you.