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We start with an Aqua peeling, combination of 3 solutions offering, deep cleansing to remove blackheads and sebum debris, exfoliation for skin renewal and hydration for antibacterial and anti inflammatory, leaving the skin feel refreshed, clean and smooth.

If you choose our Profacial deluxe then we will continue with:

1-ION lifting uses a positive and negative current to increase stimulation to the skins tissue and muscles creating a lifting effect. Combined with an anti ageing mask ion lifting helps deepen the ingredients into the skin preventing ageing.

2-MultiPolar Radio Frequency is six circular hand piece used to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the collagen allowing the collagen to remodel using heat radiation the out come of this will be tighter elastic in the skin, healthy glow to complexion and improves blood circulation.

3-Ultrasound is a Sono hand piece used to activate fibroblasts throughout the skin. Whilst activating the fibroblasts the ultrasound will also help produce collagen and elastin, Melts fat and cellulite cells. used with a facial mask it will help enhance the appearance of the skin by realising hydrating ingredients which will improve and smooth the skin texture.

Classic 45 minutes - £85

Deluxe 60 minutes - £125

Add on Plasma for Acne - £25

Add on LED mask - £25 

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